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Long Term Care

Long-Term Care insurance may be the one thing that could keep you OUT of a nursing home? If you ever visited a nursing home, you would certainly understand why the majority chose to "stay out" versus "staying in".


  • Life expectancy is on the increase. But — the odds of needing Long-Term Care during your lifetime are about 1 in 2!
  • 70% of current nursing home residents have exhausted their assets within the first 12 months.
  • 40% of people receiving long-term care are UNDER the age of 65. The risk of needing long-term care can arise at any age. Premiums are lower for younger clients!
  • 80% of older adults who receive Long-Term care do so in their own homes or community settings not in traditional nursing homes.
  • Health Insurance, Medicare and Long-Term Disability insurance do NOT cover Long-Term Care costs. Medicaid will assist with LTC if you meet their qualifications. Basically qualify for “Welfare”.
  • The average cost of Long-Term Care is $181/day or over $66,000/year. Can your savings finance a 2 ½ year stay at over $165,000?

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Genworth Life – Flex 3

Mutual of Omaha – Mutual Care Plus

John Hancock – Custom care with Benefit Builder


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